Carl Software

Available soon

  • An asset management, equipment and maintenance software solution

  • A complete offer that is adapted to sector-specific versions and to the organizations’ needs

  • Collaborative and graphic tools to enhance the daily management of the companies’ assets

  • A complementary mobile solution that is adapted to the new needs of professionals

How Carl Software works

Carl Software offers tailor-made solutions of computerized equipment and asset-management to boost companies’ performance. Several versions exist, specific to different professions, and also different software sets, according to the organization’s computer infrastructure needs. Its management platform, Carl Source, centralizes the data and offers analysis modules that are easy to use, with innovative services such as graphic tools in 3D. The mobile version, Carl Source, fullfils the mobility needs of the organizations, as well as the possibility to access the software via the cloud.

The platform is optimized for an efficient and flexible data analysis

Graphic navigation enables a transformation of computer data in concrete operational situations.