Available soon

  • An asset, equipment and maintenance management software solution

  • An intuitive platform available on mobile to enhance the operational and human performance of the organizations.

  • Powerful data analysis tools to help understand the key points to develop for each activity

  • A web architecture that facilitates its installation and use.

How Coswin works

Coswin is a collaborative asset, equipment and maintenance management software. It is easy to set up in an organization because there is a hosted and Web mode, and it is compatible with other computer systems. The platform centralizes the databases and offers numerous modules to exploit them. These modules are customizable and include reports, graphs, maps based on a geolocation system. These informations are easily transferable within the organization and available at any moment, even for field teams, thanks to the Coswin Nom@d mobile version.

The platform allows companies to handle their data regarding material resources in real time.

The software is available on any device to facilitate and optimize the use of data.