Available soon

  • A document management and processing solution for companies

  • A software that takes into account the latest forms of Web content

  • Innovative data analysis tools available online and on mobile

  • Modules facilitating the sharing of information and collaborative work.

How Documentum works

The Documentum platform is composed of various modules, specific to the sector of activity and the profession of the users. It is a storage base of unlimited data, that takes up diverse forms of content, notably the new contents from the Web. The documents’ classifying and analysis tools are numerous and help organizations in the digital management of their activities. The users have the possibility of processing joint documents simultanueously, and the access to information anywhere and at anytime is garanteed by the mobile version of the software.

The platform is optimized to garantee an efficient treatment of the companies’ data.

Documentum offers an integration and Web content processing module to respond to the more evolved needs of the users.