Available soon

  • A software and computer solution suite to take the companies through the process of change

  • An assistance tool for the asset-management, projects and production decisions.

  • The availability of a version and personalized reports to involve all actors at different levels.

  • Mobile applications and a search engine integrated to enhance the professionnals’ productivity and mobility.

How IFS works

The tool’s specificity is its focus on supporting the users’ agility. IFS helps organizations enhance their flexibility and takes them through the evolution of their activities. It is why numerous versions exist, each adapted to the line of business of the user. IFS centralizes the operational data, updates it automatically and offers analysis modules for the professions, with reports edition, schedules and other tools. It favors an intuitive interface, the sharing of information, and help in the decision-making process. The specificity of the platform is its possibility to create its own software by only selecting the preferred modules and adding specific components according to the needs.

The IFS interface makes it possible to read and use the data in a centralized and intuitive way, and helps companies gain agility.

To answer the organizations’ flexibility requirements, IFS continually makes its systems and supports evolve.