Infor EAM

Available soon

  • A software solution for asset, equipment and maintenance management

  • Operational data control and analysis tools to enhance the management processes

  • A global platform with specific modules for the various sectors of activity and professions.

  • Adapted and evolving responses, compatible with the other information systems.

How Infor EAM works

Infor EAM is a computer system for the management of assets and equipment. It centralizes and processes’ data, to assist the optimization of the organization’s resources. The central platform offers data analysis tools : charts, reports, graphs, maps. Specific modules are available to the users according to their sector of activity and/or profession, with analysis and data sharing adapted solutions. To answer the diverse needs of the companies, Infor EAM updates the modules regularly, and a version is available on the cloud.

The main platform is customizable to best meet the users’ expectations.

Infor EAM offers data analysis tools to help professionals in the management and optimization of their resources.