Available soon

  • An asset, equipment and maintenance management software solution

  • The centralization of various data and of the IoT sources.

  • A real time visibility of the use of the organizations’ resources.

  • Data management and analysis tools to enhance the operational performance.

How Maximo works

Maximo is a data management platform developed to help companies get more efficent and manage their resources bettter. It processes data related to the assets, resources and activities in the same system, and enables their analysis. Specific management modules are available to users, along with an intelligent planification module. The edition and sharing of reports, graphs and schedules is facilitated. The deployment of the solution is also adaptable according to changing needs, on the website, on the cloud or both.

Thanks to the tools provided on the platform for the data management, it is possible to construct precise analyses and progress reports.

Maximo makes it possible to analtze the performance of the organizations’ activities and ressources