Available soon

  • A document treatment and diffusion software for companies.

  • An easy-to-use data and documents management solution (thanks to a great flexibility)

  • A tool separated in several modules that garantees its compatibility with other conventional management softwares

  • A management software adapted to technical organizations or engineering departments.

How Meridian works

Developped by BlueCielo, Meridian Enterprises is a technical documents diffusion and production software, for technology companies or engineering departments. It offers optimized and secure solutions to enable data access to most actors. It is adapted to the complexity of technical documents, while offering a flexible and facilitated use. The software comprises several modules that allow it to be compatible with other professional computer systems, but that also participate in the daily management of the companies’ performance. Centralized database, data analysis, information transfer, and collaboration platform are part of the Meridian modules.

Meridian is a platform adapted to technical and complex information processing

The transmission of complex documents between technical teams and/or departments is facilitated thanks to the Meridian storage module, also available on the Cloud.