Oracle Autonomous Data Cloud

Available soon

  • A database management cloud system for companies

  • An automated database that provides performance analysis tools

  • A technology based on a private/public Cloud mix to gain complete access to data

  • A simplified and intelligent tool to allow organizations to optimize their activities

How Oracle Autonomous Data Cloud works

This software system is part of a global computer solution developed by Oracle. It uses automation technologies and artificial intelligence to provide an optimized and progressive database management. The system stores data on the cloud and facilitates their visualization and their treatement. The various analysis tools allow the organizations to enhance their activities’ and resources’ performance. The corrective actions taken afterwards are also automated to improve the operations’ efficiency and allow the users to focus on activities that create value.

On the platform, the analysis tools enable the optimization of data reading and the acceleration of decision making.

On the platform, analysis tools enable the optimization of data reading and faster decision making