Available soon

  • A platform that allows the transformation of raw data into intelligent and exploitable data

  • A processing solution of large amounts of data that enables the extraction of key informations for the operational management

  • A quick and easy-to-use system that can solve long and complex decisional processes

  • A powerful computer performance tool that helps with the organizations’ performance

How PI System – Osisoft works

PI System software, developed by Osisoft, is a solution set up to allow companies to process a large number of technical data in an optimized and quick way, to extract operational information. It operates following four major focuses. The system allows the retrieval of data and their centralization while being connected to all infrastructures of the organization. Its calculation and analysis tools enable the storage of a large amount of data and to reach exploitable results fast. The platform allows an easy reading and fast interpretation of the results. Finally, these informations’ sharing is facilitated within the company and enables the development of a reliable and efficient operational intelligence.

PI System and its various data analysis tools are adapted to complex environments, and they enable the transformation of technical data into operational information.

The management of heavy and complex databases is automated and their use is facilitated by the interface.