Available soon

  • Intervention management software for companies hiring field teams.

  • A cloud platform to optimize the organizations’ productivity and reactivity

  • A mobile version via an application for the teams on the field

  • A step-by-step and personalized coaching in the implementation of the computer platform.

How Praxedo works

The Praxedo platform allows the improvement of the intervention management for organizations using field teams. It allows managers on the spot to pilot field teams in real time and from a distance, and it allows them to transmit the information and data quickly and efficiently. To this end, Praxedo has developed a mobile solution to facilitate its use by the actors, concerned about their mobility, transfering data to the organization and its platform using the cloud. A schedules optimization module and a management and maintenance software complete the platform, the installation of which is facilitated by the personalized support of Praxedo teams.

A software enables the live analysis  of interventions on the field through a tracking thanks to the mobile application.

Once the field data collected, Praxedo offers the option to edit and optimize the intervention schedules