Available soon

  • A data management software adapted to the rail sector companies

  • Interfaces that are optimized and easy to use for a better performance

  • A multicanal deployment that answers the operational needs of the various organizations

  • Different management modules support the development of the various professions in a centralized manner.

How RailCube works

Railcube is a data treatment and management software, structured for the rail sector. It takes into account the organizational particularity of the sector, that are mobility, the need for reactivity, and real time processing of technical and multiple data. The platform centralizes all data and offers diverse management modules, from staff to financial management and the optimization of transport networks. Each module presents reports and specific performance analysis, but the whole interface is standardized to encourage the sharing of information within the organizations. The RailCube solution is compatible with other interfaces and its use is adaptable to needs (local hosting, internet, mobile solution).

RailCube enables the optimization of assets management with maintenance schedules and product sheets gathering all the characteristics (contracts, dimensions, revisions, etc.)

With the interface, it is possible to analyze the transport data and optimize the itineraries and merchandize management.