Available soon

  • A documents diffusion and treatment software for companies.

  • A turnkey solution to analyze complex data

  • Personalized tools that enable the optimization of operations and the sharing of information within the company.

  • An automatic integration of all Microsoft Office functionalities.

How Sharepoint works

Microsoft Sharepoint presents the same structure as the Office Suite, and its installation is just as easy. Sharepoint is a data processing software that retrieves the data from the organizations’ different systems and offers an analysis and sharing platform internally or on the web. Numerous modules for the optimized management are integrated, such as a search engine, the creation of reports and charts, business applications and an internal social network. The software is compatible with all Microsoft tools and it allows data processing and sharing in a simple and efficient manner.

The Sharepoint interface enables a clear reading and facilitated use of data and documents

Tools and applications enable the productive analysis of data and the enhanced operational efficiency of organizations.