Available soon

  • A flexible solution of management and maintenance for multiservices operations

  • A service that is both multicanal and configurated to adapt to the growing mobility of its users

  • An optimized tracking of activities thanks to its connexion to in-house softwares

  • An easy-to-use platform, where no software requires installation and updates are automated

How Twimm works

The specificity of Twimm concerns its daily use. It is an intelligent platform that assembles the companies’ operational data and allows them to access it easily and in an adapted way. Available on a computer, mobile or other devices, Twimm allows organizations to optimize their online activity quickly. From projects’ management to contract follow-up, the professionals have a global view and can make decisions faster. The platform connects to the organization’s softwares, collects data, processes it and restitutes it in a uniform way. Finally, the professionals are supported on a case-by-case basis in the implementation of the platform.

Twimm is available on mobile and online. It does not require the installation of heavy computer softwares.

The programming interface allows Twimm to integrate the company’s data and facilitate sharing information between the different actors.