Available soon

  • A digital platform that helps organizations enhance their performance and encourages innovation

  • A personalized configuration to make the data analysis tools adapted to the given activity available.

  • A facilitated integration of the platform in the information systems already present

  • A multi-trade solution that encourages information and skills transfer

How Moovapps works 

The digital platform, Moovapps, offers the companies the option to digitalize and dematerialize data and operational process treatment. To do so, Moovapps offers numerous specific digital applications, that the organizations can choose from and customize. Thus, they benefit from a functional tool that is adapted to their sector of activity. The applications cover data centralization, the analysis and transfer of data towards an intranet, a client portal and even an e-learning module, to involve all collaborators and encourage innovation.

The Moovapps platform is customizable and offers various applications encouraging the digitalization of data treatment.

The applications available are multi-trade and allow the management of clients and human resources.