Visual Planning

Available soon

  • A resource planification and optimization software for any type of company

  • A complete and adaptable tool to gain productivity and flexibility

  • Numerous specific modules that help make a decision and provide step-by-step support to the companies in their operations.

How Visual Planning works

Visual Planning is a computer solution specialized in the planification of human, material and financial resources. Its particularity is being compatible with many sectors of activity. But it is also a platform that supports, through its centralization of data and dedicated applications, daily management and control of the organizations’ performance. Its installation is easy, adaptable to already existing processes, and it evolves along with the company. It is a collaborative platform that allows, via specific modules, to optimize a company’s resource management. A mobile version is also available, depending on the line of business.

Visual Planning edits easy-to-use management tools to pilot projects and optimize resources.

The platform, and its mobile use, answers specific planification and field intervention management needs.